The Super Bowl is now a thing of the past – but some of the memories linger on. The fact that 111.3 million people watched a single televised sporting event is amazing. Did we lose sight of the fact that it is still two teams playing a game of football? We all heard plenty about it before, during and now after it and we seem poised and ready for the next ‘big thing’. Let’s consider for a moment that for 3.5 million dollars for a 30-second spot sponsors regaled the public with what was supposed to be their brightest and best commercials. Why is it that even in 2012, society cannot seem to move beyond the thinking that women – one half of the species – are not just the objectification of some sort of fictitious fantasy? Specifically the Kia Optima ‘Sandman’ and even worse as if that wasn’t disparaging enough, the Fiat Abarth (‘Hot Girl’) was an abominable offense. (Cars equating to women? It’s nothing new and it’s not just coincidental, come on, ad agencies, put the ‘creativity’ back in the ‘creative’ department.)  Teleflora should be particularly ashamed of themselves for perpetuating the idea that a woman can be ‘bought’ for a bouquet of flowers. It’s like the old joke that no matter how high the amount, if you settle on a price, you’re still “that kind of woman”. Women: aren’t you offended? You ought to be. We need to elevate the thinking of this society to a higher echelon and learn to respect humanity, whether it is of the male or female gender.  Speaking of the ‘female gender’ another thing comes to mind: Rapper M.I.A.’s offensive gesture is nothing short of low class. It doesn’t matter how one looks or what they do for a living – some people would be taking a step up to even get to ‘low class’ and this is a case in point. This as in most things is not something that ‘just happened’ without forethought or cognizance. It was a supercilious and downright obnoxious sentiment to an audience and a federation that brought this person to the forefront of a mega-event. It is disdainful and arrogant and should not be considered lightly. People need to take responsibility for their actions and once again, elevate their thinking and responses especially when featured on the ‘world stage’. It needs to be regarded as a negative reflection on them and not just laughed off lightly. (What was with the gyrations of the dancers on the stage at that time, too? That should hardly have been an acceptable move in front of an audience of children and young people watching as a family.)

With these Super Bowl reflections, I’ll close for now with this ‘Tennism’:

To some people, it’s a step up to low class.

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