Rhetorical Question:

If you have a peanut allergy and go to the market and obtain peanuts then later have a reaction and die from it, would the market be charged as ‘guilty’ for murder? Then why are we charging doctors in the downfall or death of drug-addict celebrities? Society needs to be cognizant of personal volition and taking responsibility for one’s own actions. How one responds to impetus and lives their life is reflective of who they are and separating what they do from how they act is like peeling the thin skin off of a grape – it’s all part of the same fruit. The media and society needs to stop genuflecting to people who are lucky enough to be in the public eye because through one way or another they are willingly thrust into it. Most get there through ‘connections’ so intrinsic that it would be impermeable to try to replicate it in the ‘real world’. As the current crop of ‘hit’ television shows reflect, singing is something everyone can do and think they do well it is not discovering a cure for a debilitating disease any more than being in front of a movie or television camera is. I can appreciate a talented individual, however when the virtues are being extolled about how ‘caring’ and unselfish they were, and yet, they deprived their child of the one thing they probably wanted and needed above all else; their parent; then just how altruistic was that person and how much did they consider and concern themselves with the one who should have been their ultimate consideration; the child they brought into the world? This is the saddest part of all, the one left behind to fend for themselves and to futilely try to fill a void that can never quite be satiated.

I love America but I am concerned about American’s. Sometimes I feel as if I am on a one-person crusade to enlighten people to how they can personally help improve themselves and in so doing help to restore our wonderful country.

Here is a news flash: So-called “celebrities” and sports stars are not necessarily icons of appropriate role models. As sublime as that may seem, some people just don’t ‘get it’. Why should an athlete receive millions of dollars (the latest newsworthy salary of a nine-year, $214 million dollar baseball contract) for doing something he loves to do and would probably do for considerably less just for the ability to go out and do it for a living…not to mention all the accompanying public adoration and perks? Seriously, don’t you think that amount of money would be better off being used to actually help millions of people? How about using it to feed some of this country’s hungry children (and adults) or really try to find a cure for a disease that the drug companies are getting richer from for NOT finding a cure. It is ludicrous to even imagine that one person warrants that amount of recompense for anything! This country has money, it just needs to allocate it differently and spend it trying to educate and elucidate and improve the most basic of human freedoms; enough food to eat and a warm place to live.

Come on, people, we need to get this country back on track and recognize substance from cipher, probity from pretense and insignificance from importance.

This probably isn’t the last you will read here on this subject.

Here is your Tennism of the day:

Come on – ‘get real’; live ‘real’ and really BE ‘real’!

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