This week has shown once again, social civility and courtesy is – if not already dead, then dying.

There seems to be an epidemic in our current society that prohibits contemplation of thought before speaking or consideration of action before doing. It has become acceptable to not only speak one’s mind, but to do so irrespective of the cost and expense of another persons feelings.

One certainly should be able to exercise their constitutional right to free speech, however where does it say it should preclude kindness to humanity? In other words, just because you can do something, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Just because a thought pops into your mind it shouldn’t pop out of your mouth without properly ‘sanitizing’ it. Much like a waste treatment facility with whatever sludge enters, without refinement and cleansing it shouldn’t exit.

Of course what many people are weighing in on this week it the Rush-Rant directed to Georgetown University Law student, Sandra Fluke. Which is probably precisely why Limbaugh used his deliberately selected words during his tirade to begin with. The bottom line is always to create a ‘buzz’ and generate people talking and this is no different. It’s good for his ratings which manifest into dollar signs which is this society’s current barometer to measure ‘success’. He is not a neophyte to controversy and knows how to fire-start and manipulate a discussion.

If it were not for the fact that Big Business dollars would suffer, there likely would not have been an apology by him offered. Does it really take a lucrative intervention (advertisers pulling their sponsorship) to promulgate what should have come as a matter of propriety? Anyone can create a social faux pas or make an occasional discourteous misstep, but to utter a discourse of such vitriol directed at someone who was using her own First Amendment Right is both hypocritical as well as boorish. It further reflects the obnoxiously obtuse time we are living in where the media still strives for ‘shock value’ when there is really very little the public should be surprised at anymore.

As an advocate of stopping and thinking before you say and do things, don’t just blurt out whatever thought comes into your mind. Which brings us to today’s ‘Tennism’ which bears repeating;

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

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