Here are five true sentences:

1)Detroit Tiger baseball player Prince Fielder recently signed a $214 million dollar contract.

2)Detroit Lions football player Calvin Johnson was just given a $132 million dollar contract.

3)Fielder’s deal is the fourth largest contract in MLB history.

4)Johnson’s deal exceeds all other football contracts making it the biggest contract in NFL history.

5)The City of Detroit is on the brink of financial collapse and is bankrupt.

What’s wrong with this picture? Think about it. Where are the priorities in this society? What really matters most in our current culture?

Of course the city is not paying these players contracts, but, that’s not the point. In each case this is just ONE PERSON receiving this exorbitant recompense. It is a societal debauchery and  lurid inequity of values and antecedents. What do you think?

Here is today’s ‘Tennism’:

What would the monetary price tag be for improving humanity?

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