Welcome to: THE 10 SECOND BLOG! As this is the first entry, let me introduce myself:
I’m MernaLyn; ‘The Diet Diva’ and the author of the new book: The 10 Second Diet! The fastest, easiest, most successful diet you will ever try and the last diet book you will ever need to read! To find out more, please visit my website at: http://the10seconddiet.com/

I will always try to enlighten and improve your day in just ’10 Seconds’ and help make you aware of what can transpire in just that brief amount of time.

The word ‘diet’ refers not only to the food you eat, but also to the life you live. The 10 Second Diet technique that is so effective for weight loss can also be applied to other aspects of your life, so, it is for successfully losing weight and successfully living life. There aren’t any special foods, pills, liquids or elixirs: you already have everything you need to be successful in your weight loss goal…you just have to know how to use it!

You will become familiar with what I call: MernaLyn’s Tennisms; just 10 words that can change your attitude and disposition or just make you think differently about things. Perhaps some day’s they will make you smile, other days they may provoke a memory or just make you nod your head in agreement. Whatever your response, it just may make you think!

So, I’ll close for now with:

Food doesn’t make you fat – how much you eat, might!

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